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Evanesce Sclerotherapy Varicose & Spider Vein Treatment
Evanesce Sclerotherapy is locally owned & operated by Shannon Benoit, RN, BSN, Sclerotherapist providing minimally invasive treatment to treat varicose & spider veins. The procedure causes the veins to shrink & eventually disappear. Visit the website for more info.
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4 Bedroom Single Family Home - $350,000

About Shirley
Shirley is a rural industrial town located on the lowlands of the Catacoonamaug River. A handful of colonists arrived in 1720 and settled on scattered farms throughout the town.

Early in its history Shirley was supported by its many farms and orchards. There was an increase in industrial activity around 1790 and the first paper mill was opened followed shortly after by a small iron works and nail factory.

The location of the water to power industries served to create an industrial village along the narrow valley where Shirley is located. Many of the period brick towered mills still survive and create an authentic period landscape.

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Christine Lavin & Don White: On the Funny Side of the Street


Christine Lavin and Don White ARE two of the funniest entertainers
on today's music scene. This is a double trouble show.

 AND It's DON'S BIRTHDAY, so come and help us celebrate.

There's just no telling what surprises might be in store...!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll laugh some more. Two of America's most-loved songwriters and raconteurs join forces for this fabulous and hilarious show.

Christine Lavin
is the mischievous singer-songwriter who brought us "Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind" (she later rewrote it from the male point of view) and "Sensitive New Age Guys" The Washington Post says "Lavin knows how to keep her audience guessing, thinking and laughing all at the same time." With a comedienne's arsenal of irony and wit, Christine's delightfully skewed songs cover a lot of territory. Relationships: "What Was I Thinking?", politics: "Baracolate Chip Cookies", life's injustices: "Attractive Stupid People" and a lot more!

Don White is a Lynn, Massachusetts-based songwriter who has the gift of connecting immediately with an audience. Coming from the world of stand-up, he is a funny man whose concerts can turn what happens in his home into an onstage biopic! His funny and often touching songs like "How to Get Your Kids to Leave Home", "Be 16 With Me", and "Rascal" go straight to his audience's heart.

Together, Christine Lavin and Don White are the funny, funny 2-fer of comedy and song.

Promo Video        Video 2

When: Apr 9, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 09 Apr 2016 20 )
Ari Hest


With every record he makes, Ari Hest says his music is progressively more reflective of who he is. At 34, the Bronx-based singer/songwriter's musicianship has evolved from writing songs on imagery to real-life experiences coming from an honest, intense place. On his upcoming June 8th release 'Shouts and Whispers', Hest creates a non-typical collection of tracks that ultimately form a cohesive narrative. With songs of sadness and resignation giving way to lucidity and catharsis, Hest's introspection and intelligence are on display, creating moments of magic within his poetic, spare lyrics and backing them up with his ear for haunting melodies. Hest conceived half the album as an acoustic set, while the other half took shape via keyboards, as he explains below. 'Shouts and Whispers' begins with the swirling, hypnotic 'Harvest', soon followed by a centerpiece track, the stunning, understated 'Into the Empty White'. 'How We'll Always Be' is perhaps a declaration of giving up the fight, and the melancholy 'No One Can Stay' has an elegant darkness. There's a glimmer of hope within 'Bona Fide', and finally a cathartic yowl as 'After The Thunder' builds to its crescendo.

Hest has released eight albums, three EPs, and "52" in 2008, an innovative project whereby he wrote, recorded and released a new song every Monday for a full year. And while his newest album, 2014's Shouts and Whispers, is an excellent indication of what Hest is capable of, his live show leaves even more of an impression. In addition, Hest is half of the folk pop duo The Open Sea, along with longtime friend Rosi Golan.

His music has been featured on numerous television shows including Private Practice, Army Wives, and One Tree Hill. Recently, Ari's song "The Landlord" appeared in an episode of NPR's "All Things Considered". He's also scored a film called 'Dreamriders,' which won several independent film awards. And throughout his career, he has toured worldwide to support his records, most recently in Germany as well as several European countries, and built the kind of loyal fan base any musician would envy. While "Shouts and Whispers" is an excellent indication of what Hest is capable of, his live show may leave even more of an impression. Watching him play, one can't help but be thrust into his world, hanging on every word like a child listening to a ghost story.

When: Apr 9, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 09 Apr 2016 20 )
Glenn Hughes
With recent sold out live shows in South America and Europe, GLENN HUGHES, the legendary ‘Voice of Rock’, is extending his Solo Tour throughout 2016 beginning with new Spring-time shows in the USA. Joining Hughes for his USA shows, will be DOUG ALDRICH (Revolution Saints & formerly Whitesnake, Dio) as guitar player and powerhouse Swedish drummer and longtime solo band member, PONTUS ENGBORG, rounding out the Trio. Support for the tour are JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR, the queen of British blues, whose latest critically acclaimed album, "The Dirty Truth", has received many accolades from press and fans alike, plus JARED JAMES NICHOLS who recently released his second EP, "Highwayman".

When: Mar 11, 2016 7 PM to Mar 11, 2016 11 PMin Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 11 Mar 2016 19 )
Johnny Winter All Star Band w Paul Nelson & James Montgomery


The 2015 Grammy award winning Paul Nelson and The Johnny Winter All Star Band presenting a joyful celebration of the music and legacy of the legendary Rock/ Blues icon Johnny Winter on his Birthday Anniversary.

The Johnny Winter All Star Band Featuring Paul Nelson and James Montgomery have been wowing audiences everywhere performing the incredible music played and loved by the late great Blues/Rock legend Johnny Winter. Join Paul Nelson and Johnny’s Band in a concert experience that promises to be a Rock and Blues bash like no other. Amazing musicians and fans will have a chance to gather and celebrate the music and spirit of one of the greatest Blues Guitarists of all time. If you’re a fan of Johnny and/or the Blues and Rock music in general, you can’t miss this!

Due to the tremendous outpouring of emotion from Johnny Winter’s Fans since we lost him, this official “Johnny Winter Concert Event” has been put together with the approval of his brother, Edgar Winter and his family. The show features the original members from Johnny’s latest band including his protege guitarist Paul Nelson, who toured the world with Winter, recorded on and produced his last #1 Billboard Blues charting, Grammy & BMA winning Album “Step Back” as well as performing on Letterman & Jimmy Kimmel broadcasts.

The band is fronted on vocals/ harmonica by former Johnny Winter band member- James Montgomery with Johnny Winter Band members:  Paul Nelson on guitar,  Scott Spray on Bass Guitar and Tommy Curiale on Drums.

A new feature film "Down and Dirty - The Johnny Winter Story" will be released in cinemas worldwide on February 12th. The Johnny Winter All Star Band will be performing a series of concerts to celebrate Johnny's music legacy and the release of this amazing new film.

Johnny played at Bull Run many, many times in the past and we are very happy to be presenting this All Star celebration of his work with all his former bandmates.


When: Mar 25, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 25 Mar 2016 20 )
Dan Baird & Homemade Sin

Dan Baird formed The Georgia Satellites in 1980. Being the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and chief songwriter, he penned their runaway radio hit "Keep Your Hands to Yourself." They were one of the most ferocious bands of the 1980’s. What set them apart from the other 100,000 bands who cranked their amps up to eleven was that their wild riffs and tanked up cries came from a band who, from the start, understood it’s place in the rock tradition and fought hard to solidify it with each recording. Dan left the band in 1990 to pioneer what became known as "Cowpunk" and "Alt Country." He tours and records with his band Homemade Sin, which today features two ex-members of The Georgia Satellites, Baird and drummer Mauro Magellan. Homemade Sin also includes guitarist Warner E. Hodges, who tours and records with Jason & the Scorchers. Dan & the band play a mixture of Baird's solo material plus the many hits and fan favorites from his years with the Georgia Satellites. They are, and always have been, one of the most fun and exciting bands out there hitting the clubs and halls of America.

"Dan Baird is the Savior of Rock 'n' Roll." - Hooked On Music

"It's been along time since people made albums as fun, as strong and as satisfying as this one." - Billboard

"Amazing songs delivered with gap toothed, shit kicking passion." - Classic Rock

"Completely unpretentious and totally irresistible!" - AltCountry

When: Feb 25, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19 )
Los Lobos

Four decades have passed since Los Lobos released their debut album, "Just Another Band from East L.A." Since then they’ve repeatedly disproven that title - Los Lobos isn’t “just another” anything, but rather a band that has consistently evolved artistically while never losing sight of their humble roots. These triple-Grammy winners have been influenced by rock and roll, Tex-Mex, country, folk, R&B, blues, brown-eyed soul and traditional Spanish and Mexican music such as cumbia, boleros and norteños. Get ready to dance to "Don’t Worry Baby," "The Road to Gila Bend," "Will the Wolf Survive?,"  "Maricela" and, wait for it, "La Bamba" plus many, many more great songs.

Los Lobos were already East L.A. neighborhood legends, Sunset Strip regulars and a Grammy Award winning band (Best Mexican-American/Tejano Music Performance) by the time they recorded their major label debut "How Will The Wolf Survive?" in 1984. And though the album’s name and title song were inspired by a National Geographic article about real life wolves in the wild, the band, David Hidalgo, Louie Perez, Cesar Rosas, Conrad Lozano and Steve Berlin, saw parallels with their struggle to gain mainstream rock success while maintaining their Mexican roots. Perez, the band’s drummer, once called their powerhouse musical mix “the soundtrack of the barrio.” Three decades, two more Grammys, a worldwide smash single (“La Bamba”) and thousands of rollicking performances across the globe later, Los Lobos is surviving quite well, and still jamming with the same raw intensity as they had when they began in that garage in 1973. Their new album, "Gates of Gold" is out and getting rave reviews. Get a copy signed at Bull Run.

Ten years ago, on their 30th anniversary, Rolling Stone magazine summed up that distinctive, diverse and spontaneous Los Lobos aesthetic perfectly: “This is what happens when five guys create a magical sound, then stick together for 30 years to see how far it can take them.

When: Mar 10, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 10 Mar 2016 19 )
Sarah Barrios
Bull Run Ballroom Songwriter Showcase!! Sarah Barrios Aldous Collins David Corson Monk Duane

When: Feb 18, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 18 Feb 2016 19 )
Selwyn Birchwood


If you saw this show last June, I know you'll be back for this one.
If you didn't see it, do it now before he's playing arenas. Selwyn & band had everyone, young and old, up on their feet.
A seriously amazing show.

Selwyn Birchwood, Florida’s rising young blues fireball, is a guitar and lap-steel-playing bundle of pure energy. He delivers his original songs with a revival tent preacher’s fervor and a natural storyteller’s charisma made all the more impactful by his raw, unvarnished vocals. Birchwood plays high-octane blues – at once deeply rooted, funky and up-to-the-minute – with true passion and honest emotion. With his band feeding off his drive and exuberance, the striking 6’3” 29-year-old with his trademark Afro roams the stage (often barefoot), ripping out memorable guitar licks with ease. His ability to win over an audience, any audience, is proven night after night on the bandstand.

In 2013, Birchwood catapulted from local hero to shooting star. He won the world-renowned International Blues Challenge, beating out 125 other bands from the U.S. and abroad. He also took home the Albert King Guitarist Of The Year Award. Living Blues says, "Selwyn Birchwood is making waves, surprising people and defying expectations."

His debut album, "Don’t Call No Ambulance," is a fully realized vision of contemporary blues. Birchwood’s original songs range from raucous romps to hill country stomps, from searing, serious slow blues to modern blues rock. Between his uninhibited sense of fun and adventure and his serious-as-a-heart-attack musicianship, "Don’t Call No Ambulance" is a window into the future of the blues. “All originals and no filler,” he says of the album. “It’s that genuineness of emotion in the songs that people can hear.”

When: Mar 3, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 03 Mar 2016 19 )
Tret Fure CD Release

3-4-2016 (Ballroom)

Tret Fure’s musical journey has a unique trajectory. She started out as vocalist/guitarist with Spencer Davis, penning the single for his album “Mousetrap.” Her first solo recording was produced by Lowell George of "Little Feat." With the success of that release she opened for bands like Yes, Poco and J. Geils. In the 1980’s Tret left the pop music world and, over time, became a highly influential and well-loved figure in the women’s music movement. She has been a major player in that field ever since, recording with and producing some of the best of women’s music including the legendary “Meg & Cris at Carnegie Hall.” She worked as a duo with Cris Williamson throughout the 90s releasing 3 CDs together during those years. Tret has garnered the prestigious Jane Schliessman Award for "Outstanding Contributions to Women’s Music" and was voted “Pride In The Arts Favorite Female/Lesbian Musician” in 2009. She is president of Local 1000, the Traveling Musicians Union of the American Federation of Musicians.  

And she continues to turn out marvelous albums, her latest being “Rembrandt Afternoons,” which Tret claims as her “best work yet, encompassing topics of freedom, justice, transgender issues, love songs, personal journeys and tongue in check blues. The musicianship is top-notch. I've worked with the same rhythm section for over 5 CDs and we just get tighter and tighter.”

Get a signed copy at the show.

When: Mar 4, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 04 Mar 2016 20 )


Known as the "Father of the British blues," John Mayall is an English blues singer, guitarist, organist and songwriter, whose musical career spans over fifty years. 

In the 1960s, he was the founder of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, a band which has schooled some of the most famous blues and blues-rock musicians of all time, including Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jack Bruce, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Mick Taylor, Don "Sugarcane" Harris, Harvey Mandel, Aynsley Dunbar, Walter Trout, Coco Montoya, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Andy Fraser (of Free), John Almond, and Jon Mark.

Using Chicago style blues as a starting point for their sound, which has evolved from album to album, John and the Bluesbreakers have amassed an enviable body of work. And while at one point John was playing a fairly jazzy sound, he has always come back to the blues.

His live shows are the stuff of legend.  High Energy, Rockin' Blues. Always an exciting night with one of the Masters of the genre.
Very highly recommended...if you're a fan of the blues, don't miss it!

VIDEO 1  -  VIDEO 2  -  VIDEO 2

When: Mar 23, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Wed, 23 Mar 2016 19 )
Aaron Neville: Up Close & Personal

Having one of the most evocative and recognizable voices in American music, Aaron Neville is an international ambassador of New Orleans R&B, though his soaring falsetto sounds at home in many styles. Coming of age in the incredibly creative 1950s Crescent City R&B scene, Neville gained national attention with the Wild Tchoupitoulas, a touring Mardi Gras celebration that led to the creation of the Neville Brothers band - an institution in itself that would confirm Neville's iconic status. Over his multiple Grammy-winning solo career, Aaron has scored a string of hits starting with 1966's #1 hit "Tell It Like It Is," which held the Number One spot on the R&B charts for five weeks. He went on to win Grammy Awards for his triple-platinum 1989 collaboration with Linda Ronstadt "Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind" and reached the Country charts with the title track of 1993’s "The Grand Tour."

A member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, his 2010 project was the gospel album "I Know I’ve Been Changed," celebrating his 50th year in recorded music. Most recently in 2013, paying tribute to the songs of his youth, Blue Note Records released Neville's "My True Story," a collection of twelve classic doo-wop numbers performed in his utterly inimitalbe vocal style, produced by Don Was and Keith Richards and with backing by musicians such as Benmont Trench and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. “I attended the university of doo-wop-ology,” he says. “Anything I do has got some doo-wop in it. It’s just part of me - it’s the texture that I’m singing in, it’s the endings, it’s the harmonies. At 3 o’clock in the morning, I wake up with a doo-wop song going in my head and I can’t go back to sleep because I’m singing it over and over." My True Story represents a culmination of Aaron Neville’s incredible career, which has seen him move seamlessly back and forth between solo work and his role in the first family of New Orleans music, the Neville Brothers.


When: Mar 19, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 19 Mar 2016 20 )
Mojo Rodeo - The Paul Rishell and Annie Raines Band


You saw them play with John Sebastian. Now see them with their full band, Mojo Rodéo (pronounced Ro-DAY-oh).

When: Feb 13, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 20 )
Wanda Jackson & her Rockabilly Orchestra
3-26-2016 - Re-scheduled from December 4

“Wanda Jackson, an atomic fireball of a lady, could have a smash hit with just about anything.” - Bob Dylan
"The Queen of Rockabilly," Wanda Jackson, first toured in 1955 and 1956 and she was placed on a bill with none other than Elvis Presley. The two dated during this time and Jackson says it was Presley, along with her father, who encouraged her to sing rockabilly. She had her first U.S. Top 40 hit in 1960 with "Let's Have a Party," a song Elvis had cut earlier. Her recording career bounced back and forth between country and rockabilly and she did this by often putting one song in each style on either side of her single. In 1966, she hit the U.S. Top 20 with "The Box It Came In" and "Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine." She toured regularly, was twice nominated for a Grammy and was a big attraction in Las Vegas through the 1970s. Jackson had her own syndicated TV show, "Music Village," which was packaged by her husband/manager Wendell Goodman.
Since the early '80s, Jackson has been invited to Europe numerous times to play rockabilly and country festivals. American country artists like Pam Tillis, Jann Browne and Rosie Flores have acknowledged Jackson as a major influence. After releasing the critically acclaimed, "Heart Trouble", and "I Remember Elvis".. Wanda continues to tour all over the world to sold out venues.
In 2009 Wanda was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen were just a few of the high-profile artists that encouraged "the Hall" to induct her. In 2011 she released a new album with Jack White, "The Party Ain't Over." It included a cover of the Bob Dylan rockabilly song, "Thunder on the Mountain" as well as a fiery cover of Amy Winehouse's hit song "You Know I'm No Good". "The Party Ain't Over" was well-received by many critics and fans around the world.
“Her voice conjures up a world and a very distinct and particular place in time. It’s not something that can be developed.” - Bruce Springsteen
"She's like my rockabilly Etta James. I love her, she's so brilliant. I don't think 'Rollin' in the Deep' would exist if it wasn't for Wanda Jackson." - Adele
“Here is a one-of-a-kind voice as fresh now as it was in 1958. A voice this big will never be living in the past.” - Stephen King


* We have a VIP package for this show, which includes:
2 tickets (fee included), 1 hotel room for 2 with shuttle to and from the concert.

When: Mar 26, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 26 Mar 2016 20 )
Christine Lavin & Don White: On the Funny Side of the Street


Christine Lavin and Don White ARE two of the funniest entertainers
on today's music scene. This is a double trouble show.

 AND It's DON'S BIRTHDAY, so come and help us celebrate.

There's just no telling what surprises might be in store...!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll laugh some more. Two of America's most-loved songwriters and raconteurs join forces for this fabulous and hilarious show.

Christine Lavin
is the mischievous singer-songwriter who brought us "Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind" (she later rewrote it from the male point of view) and "Sensitive New Age Guys" The Washington Post says "Lavin knows how to keep her audience guessing, thinking and laughing all at the same time." With a comedienne's arsenal of irony and wit, Christine's delightfully skewed songs cover a lot of territory. Relationships: "What Was I Thinking?", politics: "Baracolate Chip Cookies", life's injustices: "Attractive Stupid People" and a lot more!

Don White is a Lynn, Massachusetts-based songwriter who has the gift of connecting immediately with an audience. Coming from the world of stand-up, he is a funny man whose concerts can turn what happens in his home into an onstage biopic! His funny and often touching songs like "How to Get Your Kids to Leave Home", "Be 16 With Me", and "Rascal" go straight to his audience's heart.

Together, Christine Lavin and Don White are the funny, funny 2-fer of comedy and song.

Promo Video        Video 2

When: Mar 5, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 05 Mar 2016 20 )
Ballroom Songwriter Series February

2-18-2016 (Ballroom)

Each month we will be presenting the best new
singer-songwriters in our area.

Munk Duane: With a sound that is traditional in its inception and modern in execution, Boston based Artist/Producer/Film Composer Munk Duane’s style is born of the late 60s, early 70s singer-songwriter inspired rock and soul of Bill Withers and The Rolling Stones, filtered through a 21st century aesthetic. "Munk crafts his music with intelligence and panache. Can superstar status be far behind?" - BOSTON GLOBE

Sarah Barrios: Sarah has been labeled as New England's Rising Star by many & is considered a quiet storm that’s taking over the music scene throughout New England & beyond. Sarah's career literally started just over 2 years ago when she auditioned for The TV show "The X-Factor" and was ranked in the top 200 out of over 10,000 artists! Upon returning home from the experience, it was full steam ahead & she hasn't stopped since! In 2013 she was honored to have won Infinity Music Hall's very FIRST Big Stage Competition. In 2014, Barrios won The New England Music Award’s “Best New Act of the Year” & as of 2015, a nominee for “Best Female Performer of The Year”.

When: Feb 18, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 18 Feb 2016 19 )
Rust Never Sleeps - A LIve Neil Young Retrospective (Sawtelle)

04-09-2016 (Sawtelle Room)

RUST NEVER SLEEPS is a unique, live rock show that celebrates the music, and musical career of Neil Young. Capturing the spirit, the sound, and the feel of what can best be described as a "dream come true" concert experience; you will hear selections from The Buffalo Springfield as well as Young's early 70's folk-rock gems. You will savor the sweet harmonies of Crosby, Stills, and Nash as well as the raging guitar duels between Stills and Young. You will feel the high voltage snap of Crazy Horse as well as the plaintive beauty of "Heart of Gold".

Based in the Greater Boston area, Rust Never Sleeps pays "tribute" to Neil Young and his music the best way they know how... with integrity. While some groups in the tribute-band genre are content with a note for note replication of the original recordings, a Rust Never Sleeps show is infused with the passion and truth that comes from musicians using their own unique, creative energy to present these great songs.

More info:

When: Apr 9, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 09 Apr 2016 20 )
Munk Duane
Duo with Jim Gambino performing songs from the upcoming album "Once Around The Sun" as well as "Argue With Gravity"

When: Feb 18, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 18 Feb 2016 20 )
Holiday Hot Cocoa Snowshoe Hike

When: Feb 15, 2016 12 AM in Shirley, Massachusetts
Cost: Member Adults $5, Children FREE, snowshoes $5; Nonmember: Adults $10, Children FREE, snowshoes $7

(Mon, 15 Feb 2016 00 )
Martin and Kelly
3-31-2016 (Ballroom)

Martin and Kelly is the incredibly talented duo of Jilly Martin and Ryan Brooks Kelly. They have become the next must-see act from New England to Nashville, and over the years have been featured as support acts for Brad Paisley, The Band Perry, Keith Urban, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Justin Moore, Jana Kramer and Sara Evans.

Standouts in today’s crossover country music scene, Jilly & Ryan’s songs bridge the boundary between traditional and new country. Having made their mark with highly-acclaimed original music, they are winning over audiences each and every time they perform. Martin and Kelly’s compelling song-writing, dynamic vocal harmonies and stunning musicianship have them poised for a breakthrough in the music industry.

Catch them here in our intimate Ballroom before that happens.

Watch Videos

When: Mar 31, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 31 Mar 2016 19 )
The Mark Marquis Group


Mark Marquis, critically acclaimed guitarist, is one of the finest musicians you will hear anywhere.
Along with his band, The Mark Marquis Group, he has been performing his music in concert, clubs, and festivals for the past thirty years, combining a blend of jazz, blues, rock, fusion and world music with a fantastic line up of musicians.

In addition to performing his compositions, Marquis has been known to pull out and place his own spin on music by such artists as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and more. His solo guitar segments are often a highlight of his concerts. But whatever direction he may take, Mark has a way of bringing his own unique style to the tunes being played.

Marquis has written arranged and produced a number of CDs, including, "Above the Clouds," "The Invisible Ray" and "Right Place, Right Time." His annual “Most Peaceful Night of the Year” holiday concerts are some of the most popular and well attended shows in the Worcester County area.
Fantastic guitar playing and always a great band: a night of music you don’t want to miss. This is as good as it gets!

When: Apr 16, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 16 Apr 2016 20 )
Winter Explorations at Farandnear

When: Feb 28, 2016 12 AM in Shirley, Massachusetts
Cost: Member Adults $5; Nonmember Adults $10; Children FREE

(Sun, 28 Feb 2016 00 )
Samantha Fish


If you've been following Samantha Fish's career, then you know just how fast she is shooting to the top. And if you've seen her sold out shows at Bull Run, then you know what she can do to a live audience. If you're not aware of her, you should take notice now. She is all over the place, pouring her heart out in her music, her shows, backing her favorite players and never forgetting her fans. She is the whole package with icing on the cake.

Kansas City-based Samantha Fish has been on a major roll ever since she teamed up with Cassie Taylor and Dani Wilde on Ruf’s 2011 release, Girls with Guitars. Fueled by the trio’s Blues Caravan tour of Europe and the U.S., she created an international buzz in the blues world. Later that same year she recorded "Runaway," her debut on Ruf, which mixed gutsy riff-blues rockers like “Down In The Swamp” with the mellow small-hours jazz of “Feelin’ Alright,” and earned her a string of rave reviews and radio airplay, climaxed by her winning the Blues Music Award (BMA) for “Best New Artist Debut” in 2012. Earlier this year Samantha joined labelmate Devon Allman for a sultry duet of the Tom Petty classic, “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.”

Fish, will raise eyebrows with her newest studio release, "Wild Heart" produced by Luther Dickinson (The North Mississippi Allstars/Black Crowes). With Samantha on guitars and Luther on various stringed instruments; they rounded out the lineup with Grammy Award-Winning Brady Blade (Emmylou Harris/Bob Dylan) on drums. Special guests include Lightnin Malcolm (guitar), Sharde Thomas (drums) and Memphis session singers Shontelle Norman-Beatty and Risse Norman. The result is a stunning representation of Americana roots music.

It wasn’t that long ago that a teenaged Samantha Fish showed up at her local Kansas City blues club, Knuckleheads Saloon, and began soaking up the sounds of visiting modern blues guitar masters like Mike Zito and Tab Benoit, then going back to ’80s heroes like Stevie Ray Vaughan and following the lineage to the pre-war Delta masters. “I fell in love with it,” she told Premier Guitar of her growing passion for the form, “and started doing my homework by listening to the old guys like Son House and Skip James.” With those influences as her template, Samantha incorporated the sounds of the classic rock of The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, The Black Crowes and even a tip of the hat to Heart, in putting together a sound that would become her own. “It’s all the sounds I grew up with,” she explained at the time, “with my own spin.”
It's been a wild ride for Samantha Fish and she has proven her staying power every inch of the way. I don't have to tell you to get here early for this one. You already know it will be crazy, wild fun.

Videos HERE and HERE

When: Feb 12, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 12 Feb 2016 20 )
Bobby Floyd & the Boston All-Stars

Bobby Floyd's talents as pianist/organist have put him in demand for many well-known artists. He traveled the world accompanying Ray Charles. He currently makes guest appearances with some of the most distinguished orchestras in the country, including The Boston Pops, The Rochester Philharmonic and The Detroit Symphony. He is presently the feature pianist for the world-famous Count Basie Orchestra and he also tours nationally and internationally as organist for the Grammy Award winning Dr. John.

Based in Columbus Ohio, Bobby is the featured pianist & organist with the Columbus Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Byron Stripling, and he has also been featured with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and other arts organizations and venues throughout Ohio.

During these Boston shows he will be accompanied by local all-stars Dan Fox on trombone, Bill Vint on saxophone, Mike Duke on guitar and vocals, Barry Lit on drums and special guest Lydia Harrell on vocals.


When: Feb 11, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 11 Feb 2016 19 )
Rusted Root

Pittsburgh's quintessential live band, Rusted Root were formed in the early 90's by singer/guitarist Michael Glabicki. Their worldly style quickly charmed fans of roots music and world rock. To date they have released 8 albums and sold over 3 million records worldwide. After debuting in 1992 with the self released "Cruel Sun," Rusted Root signed with Mercury Records and released the 1994 platinum selling breakthrough "When I Woke," which featured the massive hits "Send Me On My Way," Ecstasy" and "Martyr." Combining a jam aesthetic and a global mindset, Rusted Root combines World influences into a transcontinental brew. The powerhouse ensemble's hypnotic live performances have allowed them to tour alongside Santana, The Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews Band, The Allman Brothers Band, HORDE Festival and, perhaps most notably, the highly coveted support role on the landmark Jimmy Page/Robert Plant reunion tour.

What was indubitably a first for Rusted Root was that NASA engineers chose "Send Me On My Way" as "wake-up" music for the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, for Sol 21.

"Rusted Root is a state of mind shared and explored by many people - we are a community that supports one another. The fans are as much a part of this as anyone. As to what you'll hear at an upcoming Rusted Root show, "Our set is a really cool mix of old classic Rusted Root and the new songs," Liz Berlin says. "It's been fun to play them. A lot of the development of (the new album) has happened on stage; what fans have been into has helped with the direction of the songs."

Move back the tables and chairs. Get ready for a jam/dance/party. Rusted Root is back in town.

OPEN: Rolling Nectar: a vintage-style rock 'n roll band playing Americana and British blues laced with psychedelic overtones and old-school R&B. They were finalists in The 2015 Last Band Standing competition at The Hard Rock Cafe, Boston.

When: Feb 26, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 26 Feb 2016 20 )
Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters

03-12-2016 (Sawtelle Room)

Ronnie's back for his annual "Birthday Show"

Ronnie Earl's got it. Whatever it is that makes The Blues dig down into your soul and stir it up. Whatever it is that can hold your attention with six strings and 22 frets and never sound stale or mediocre. Whatever it is that makes you smile in the midst of a very dangerous and heartless world. Whatever it is, he's got it down.
Maybe it was his years with Roomful of Blues. Or maybe it was the years touring with his own bands throughout the world that makes him equally conversant with the styles of Robert Jr. Lockwood, T-Bone Walker, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Or maybe it's something that you don't get on the road or alone in a room practicing scales. Maybe it's something you find inside yourself and learn to express on guitar, piano, easel, trowel or skillsaw. Maybe he's one of us and we can feel it when he plays, letting us know that, like us, he's been up, down and everywhere in between. Or maybe he's just one of the finest living Blues guitarists on the planet. If you love the Blues and you haven't been to a Ronnie Earl show, do yourself a favor.
Ronnie's new Album, "Good News," is "another exquisite outing" according to Steve Morse of the Boston Globe. Read the full review HERE


When: Mar 12, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 12 Mar 2016 20 )
Winter Explorations at Farandnear

When: Mar 27, 2016 12 AM in Shirley, Massachusetts
Cost: Member Adults $5; Nonmember Adults $10; Children FREE

(Sun, 27 Mar 2016 00 )
DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Snowshoeing at Farandnear

When: Mar 27, 2016 10 AM in Shirley, Massachusetts
Cost: Member: Adults and Kids: $5 rental; Nonmember: Adults and Kids: $7rental

(Sun, 27 Mar 2016 10 )
Headliners Comedy Series (Ballroom)
2-19-2016 (Ballroom)

Each month we will bring you the best and funniest comics from the famed Headliners Comedy Club.
This month's comics are Jody Sloane, Jay Grove and Rob Steen.

Jody Sloane: For the past fifteen years Jody has honed her skills as a “sit down” comic working as a “Conducktor” for Boston Duck Tours.  She created and developed her tour guide persona; Penny Wise, a tongue-in-cheek, saucy, southern belle. Five years ago Jody took a “stand” bringing her act to venues throughout New England. She has been a three time contestant in the Boston Comedy Festival, performed in the Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival and was a Finalist in the Funniest Comic in New Hampshire Contest. Impishly perverse, her style is thoughtful, yet edgy; touching on age, divorce, and being raised by wolves. She’ll have you convinced that in the darkest corners of truth is comedy.

Jay Grove:  "Unlike some comics who pretend they’re from Boston, Jay Grove always boasts about his New Hampshire roots. He even calls himself “The Granite Gun” and has a knack for keeping hecklers at bay; anyone wondering who’s being paid to talk should try to interrupt one of his shows. On second thought, don’t." - The Hippo Press

Rob Steen has been doing comedy for 25 years. He began as a street performer in Boston at the age of 12. Using his juggling and improv skills he decided to try Stand-Up! Since then he has a full schedule of over 350 shows per year! Rob has been featured on several TV shows including The Late Show with Dave Letterman where he is a frequent guest. His high energy and quick wit have brought comparisons to Robin Williams and he is one of the most requested comedians in the northeast. "Rob's act is fresh and always different. He has a gift for working the crowd into his act and taking them on a ride into his off-beat world!" - Boston Globe

When: Feb 19, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 19 Feb 2016 20 )
Town Meeting

When: May 7, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 07 May 2016 20 )
Public Program Assistant- Farandnear
Sponsored by: Central Management Unit
Minimum age: 12
Public Program Assistants-FarandnearOverviewThe Trustees is looking for enthusiastic people to work with visitors during public events at Farandnear. Farandnear hosts a variety of public programs all year long. Because these programs attract numerous visitors, public program assistants play a vital . . .

When: Feb 7, 2016 1:15:00 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sun, 07 Feb 2016 13:15:00 )
Lenny Clarke, the "Crazy Train" of Comedy

Nationally known comedian, Lenny Clarke, with the heavy Boston accent and the Don Rickles attitude, might do just about anything. You really don't know what will come out of his mouth next. He came up in the 1980s, the heyday of Boston Comedy, with fellow funnymen Steven Wright, Martin Olson and Denis Leary. In fact he was roommates with Olsen, and their apartment, known by comedians as "The Barracks," was a notorious "crash pad" for visiting comics, and the subject of a documentary film as Clarke and Leary explain in "When Standup Stood Out."    

Lenny has appeared in several television shows like Lenny, Contest Searchlight, The Job, The John Larroquette Show, It's All Relative and most recently he played the role of Uncle Teddy on Rescue Me. His film credits include Monument Men, Fever Pitch and Southie. Currently he is busy working on the television series, The Winner.

“Crazy train” is the term late-night host Jimmy Fallon used to describe Lenny when they worked together on the 2005 movie “Fever Pitch.”

When: Feb 18, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 18 Feb 2016 19 )
Satisfaction - The International Rolling Stones Tribute


Satisfaction - The International Rolling Stones Show is the international touring tribute show to the World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band. This Billboard & Pollstar listed show is now in its ninth year of production with over 1600 performances. This highly acclaimed production showcases the most authentic cast & costuming of its kind. The likes of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and cast bring a colorful performance to over 45 years of classic hits. 

Featured in Rolling Stone, Showbiz Magazine, Las Vegas Today, CBS Sunday Morning news and hundreds of national newspapers, magazines, television & radio as the world’s greatest show honoring the Rolling Stones and their legacy.

Highlights of their career include: In 2005 the production became the first ever Rolling Stones show to debut on the Las Vegas strip to outstanding reviews. The show was also a featured artist on national television news in the 2007 CBS News/New York special on the rising popularity of the tribute industry. For 2008 the show was chosen by Paramount Pictures and the IMAX Corporation to help promote the new Rolling Stones concert film “Shine a Light” by Martin Scorsese throughout the USA. The group closed out 2008 as a headline artist for New Years Eve on Fremont Street in Las Vegas to a capacity of 30,000. The beginning of 2009 finds the group performing in January for two Presidential Inaugural Balls in Washington D.C.

Rolling Stone magazine: "One of the best tribute shows in the world"

Las Vegas Sun: "Shined just like the real Stones on the strip" 

Showbiz Magazine: "They have you in the aisles like Jumping Jack Flash"

CBS News New York: “A must see….get SATISFACTION!”

Washington Post: “Satisfaction is a dead-on portrayal to the Rolling Stones”

- Watch -

When: Mar 4, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 04 Mar 2016 20 )
Taking Back Eden (Ballroom)
05-21-2016 (Ballroom)

Taking Back Eden is one of the most arresting bands to emerge from the Western MA music scene. Formed in the five-college town of Amherst, MA, this indie-folk-rock band features four amazing women: Carolyn Walker on vocals, guitar, and violin; Sylvie Abate on guitar and banjitar; Jen Spingla on bass, guitar and vocals, and Christine "Tina" Abate on full kit and percussion.

TBE's talent is deep and diverse, offering a blend of textures and instruments to create a unique foundation for soulful vocals, harmonies and thoughtful lyrics. Each woman is a songwriter in her own right and together they produce passionate, literate, sensitive music that speaks about contemporary social issues and fragile discoveries of love and relationships.  ??TBE has captured the heart of New England where the band is currently booked up to a year in advance and has developed a large social media following. In addition to colleges, festivals, concert halls, clubs and coffee houses, TBE has appeared on Cape Cod television, SKOPE Radio, the Valley Homegrown Show on GCTV, Music of the People Radio WNCB, and is a favorite on Women of Substance Radio. Their latest EP titled "Beautiful Disaster" was recorded at Signature Sounds and will be released in March, 2016.

“refreshing, accomplished, thought-provoking, meaningful, inventive, seasoned, powerful, brilliant and masterful."

When: May 21, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 21 May 2016 20 )
Jimmy "2 Suits" Capone
Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Bull Run and Join us as Jimmy “2 Suits” Capone (Bellevue Cadillac Band) leads the way to Valentine fun with his All Star Blues Bash Band. Audiences love this amazing “Off the cuff”, "Review" style show as it unfolds on stage. Jimmy “2 Suits” gathers some of Boston’s most in demand Musicians, each Musician gets a shot at the mic and displays their individual talents round robin style, there is no set list, members of the band never know who is going to be called next to do a tune and none of the musicians know what song the other will call. Even the audience gets involved in this fast paced event and randomly picks their favorite musician to perform! Featuring Eddie Scheer from the Love Dogs, Big Jack Ward from Luther Guitar Jr.”Johnson Johnny Juxo from Racky Thomas Band and many more, Johnny “Blue Horn” Moriconi from JBH & The Caretakers, the Chicken Slacks and many more, Sven Larson from Toni Lynn Washington, James Montgomery and John Axis bands and Bobby “The Breeze” Holfelder from the knickerbocker all-stars and Bellevue Cadillac Band and Jimmy “2 Suits” Capone. Not to be missed!

When: Feb 14, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sun, 14 Feb 2016 20 )
Valentine's Day: Jimmy 2 Suits' All Star Blues Bash Band

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Jimmy “2 Suits” Capone and his All Star Blues Bash Band. You might remember Jimmy "2 Suits" Capone as the funny man with Bellevue Cadillac. Jimmy leads the way to fun with his Las Vegas Style front man talents, having spent years in Las Vegas working with and learning from some of the best in the business, like Sam Butera, The Temptations, Sammy Davis Jr. and many others.

Jimmy gathers some of Boston’s most in-demand Musicians for this upbeat, fun-filled extravaganza: Eddie Scheer (the Love Dogs), Big Jack Ward (Luther "Guitar Jr.”Johnson), Johnny Juxo (Racky Thomas Band), Johnny “Blue Horn” Moriconi (JBH & The Caretakers and the Chicken Slacks), Sven Larson (Toni Lynn Washington, James Montgomery and John Axis) and Bobby “The Breeze” Holfelder (Knickerbocker All-Stars and Bellevue Cadillac).

Each Musician gets a shot at the mic to display their individual talents round robin style. Members of the band never know who is going to be called next to do a tune and none of the musicians know what song they will be called to play. Even the audience gets involved in this fast paced event as they randomly pick their favorite musician to perform!

You will dance, you will laugh, you will tap your feet and hum along to jumpin' blues, swingin' standards and crazy callouts.

Valentine's Day will never be the same.

When: Feb 14, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sun, 14 Feb 2016 20 )
Bees Deluxe

When: May 4, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Wed, 04 May 2016 19 )
Lights Out Blues Band
Lose Your Blues Wednesday in the Tap Room

When: Apr 6, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Wed, 06 Apr 2016 19 )
DJ Sha- boo (MDF/Hustle Squad DJs)
Karaoke every Thursday. 9pm - 1am 4 Ayer Rd in Shirley, MA

When: Feb 11, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 11 Feb 2016 20 )
DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Snowshoeing at Farandnear

When: Feb 28, 2016 10 AM in Shirley, Massachusetts
Cost: Member Adults and Kids: $5 rental; Nonmember Adults and Kids: $7 rental

(Sun, 28 Feb 2016 10 )
NO STATIC: Tribute to Steely Dan


If you saw them here last year, you know what a great show this is.

No Static, one of the few Steely Dan tribute bands in the country, is made up of 10 musicians from around the Boston area. They specialize in expertly performing the music of "Steely Dan." Re-creating that bluesy jazz-rock sound that sprung from the fertile imaginations of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker is no small feat. As you Dan-Fans know, the tunes are convoluted and complex, spanning many genres; very precise, with time changes and key changes popping up where sometimes least expected. Vocally and musically challenging, this is not an easy band to pay tribute to.
No Static has been doing it for over 10 years now and their sold-out shows tell the tale. They work at it and they get it right. Over the years they have been lucky enough to share the stage with Steely Dan band members, Walt Weiskopf (saxophonist) and Jon Herington (Music Director/guitarist).

No Static Lineup:
Fil Ramil - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Lydia Harrell - Vocals, Rosemary St. George - Vocals, Jamie Sheldon - Bass, Barry Lit - Drums, Rob Currier - Keys/vocal, Mitch Rodriguez - Guitar/vocal, Robert Holfelder- Trombone/Horn Arrangements, Brad Kohl - Sax and Walter Platt - Trumpet/Horn Arrangements.

"Now it's party time - Wrap your mind - Around this sound - And let the goodness ripple down - Goodbye to Lonely Street - You're in the Catbird Seat" - At THE STEELY DAN SHOW

When: Feb 27, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 27 Feb 2016 20 )
Guy Bergeron

When: Feb 5, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 05 Feb 2016 20 )
Dan Weber and Susan Cattaneo - Split Bill
2-5-2016 (Ballroom)

Award winning songwriter Dan Weber's shows are as much a 'Conversation' with the audience as they are a performance. The hilarious stories he tells between songs take on a life of their own, weaving a backdrop for his literate, funny, and heartfelt songs. Almost always audiences will sing a long with favorites like '(I Deal with) Crazy ALL Day', 'Oh Woody' and others.
And there's something really unique about Weber's shows. His inspired and energetic performances are one-of-a-kind. Although it's hard to put a finger or name on 'it', it's clear that Weber has 'it' in spades; that mercurial quality that Todd Snider and Hayes Carll have, the ability to take an audience of any size along for the ride for an unforgettable night. Sometimes his shows are impromptu affairs: in train stations, living rooms, around campfires and even on the rim of the Grand Canyon, but no matter wherever they happen, each one is 'Special' and not to be missed.

"4 Stars: Has you hanging on to every word. That's the touch of a true Master Craftsman Songwriter." - Alan Cackett, Editor: Maverick Magazine, UK

Susan Cattaneo is not afraid of the dark. Nor is she afraid of singing about it. A powerful singer and sophisticated songwriter, this Boston artist combines vivid storytelling with a modern songwriter’s spin. Call it New England Americana with a twang.

In 2014, her fourth album, "Haunted Heart," produced by Lorne Entress, was released with a sold out show at Club Passim. She was a finalist at this year’s Kerrville’s New Folk Contest. Susan was also a finalist in the 2015 International Acoustic Music Awards, the Independent Music Awards and a finalist in the 2014 USA Songwriting Competition, and the 2014 Mountain Stage New Song Contest. The record was one of the Top 100 Albums of the Year by the Alternate Root and won 2015 Album of the Year at the Limelight Music Awards.

A songwriting teacher for 15 years at the Berklee College of Music, Susan has performed the Shalin Liu Center, the Me & Thee Coffeehouse, Tupelo Music Hall, the South Shore Music Circus and the River Club Music Hall.

When: Feb 5, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 05 Feb 2016 20 )
Super Bowl Stroll

When: Feb 7, 2016 12 AM in Shirley, Massachusetts
Cost: Member Adults $5; Nonmember Adults $10; Children FREE

(Sun, 07 Feb 2016 00 )


Guitar One Magazine calls guitarist/vocalist Coco Montoya “the hottest southpaw in the blues” and raves about his “master touch and killer tone.” The Boston Globe succinctly states that Montoya’s music is “hot, blistering soul.” From his early days as a drummer to his current status as one of the top-drawing guitarists and vocalists on the blues-rock scene, Montoya earned his status through years of hard work and constant touring. It all started with a chance meeting in the mid-1970s with legendary bluesman Albert Collins, who offered Montoya a gig as his drummer. Albert took an immediate liking to Montoya, becoming his mentor and teaching his new protégé the secrets of Collins’ “icy hot” style of blues guitar. Five years later, British blues icon John Mayall happened to catch Montoya at a jam session and was blown away. Coco was asked by Mayall to pack his Strat and follow previous Bluesbreaker guitarists Eric Clapton, Peter Green and Mick Taylor in the Bluesbreakers. “I would never be doing what I’m doing now if I hadn’t gotten the phone call from John Mayall."

Montoya spent the next 10 years touring non-stop, proving himself to be a world-class guitar master in one of the most renowned blues bands in existence. In 1993 it was time to take the lessons from his two musical fathers and begin to sculpt a solo career. In the early 1990’s he was signed to Blind Pig Records and released three critically acclaimed discs, "Gotta Mind To Travel," "Ya Think I’d Know Better" and "Just Let Go."
In the middle of his Blind Pig days, Coco also received national recognition when he was named the Blues Foundation’s Best New Blue Artist at the 1996 Blues Music Awards. In 2000, Coco took his music up a notch and signed with Alligator Records, the country’s top blues label. In his seven years with Alligator, Coco released three more outstanding records, "Suspicion," "Can’t Look Back" and 2007’s "Dirty Deal."

The rest is History!  VIDEO

When: Mar 18, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 18 Mar 2016 20 )
Bob Marley - Comedy


Bob is back! It's laughing time again.

Bob Marley is a riot.
Celebrating 15 years as a stand-up comic, Bob Marley is one of the hottest and most sought-after comedians in the country. He has been featured in his own special on Comedy Central, and is one of the few comics to do the complete late-night TV circuit: “The Late Show” with David Letterman, “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, “Late Night” with Conan O’Brien and “The Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson and Craig Kilborn. A regular at the Aspen and Montreal comedy festivals, Marley was named one of Variety’s “10 Comics to Watch,” Marley has also appeared in several films, including the cult favorite, “Boondock Saints,” where he played Detective Greenley.

Marley, a Maine native and University of Maine at Farmington graduate, uses biographical and observational material for his high-energy routines. He began his career in his hometown of Portland, and then moved to Boston to gain experience in a city known for spawning comedy all-stars. He works nonstop throughout the country, in such cities as Los Angles, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Boston, New York and Denver. And after living in Los Angles for several years, he, his wife and three children have returned to Maine to live.
Watch video clip HERE

When: Apr 7, 2016 7 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Thu, 07 Apr 2016 19 )
The Jay Geils All-Star Quintet: From Blues to BeBop

Jay Geils needs no introduction around these parts. Original founder and lead guitarist of the J. Geils Band, he is also a producer, writer, singer, sports car restoration expert and rockin' master of the blues. A Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominee, Jay wrote several of the classic hits for the J. Geils band and is distinguished by his soulful approach to the blues. In 1985, after many albums and mega-hits, the band broke up.

In 1992, Jay joined his old bandmate Richard "Magic Dick" Salwitz to form "Bluestime," which released two records: the self-titled Bluestime (1994) and Little Car Blues (1996) on Rounder Records.

This new All-Star lineup will be Jay's first new band since BluesTime, 25 years ago. The All-Stars are: Billy Novick on horns, Jesse Williams on bass, Marty Richards on drums, Bruce Bears on keyboards, special guest vocals by Tenny Komar and of course Jay on guitar.

When: Apr 22, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Fri, 22 Apr 2016 20 )
Jimmie Vaughan & The Tilt-A-Whirl Band

4-23-2016 - Back by popular demand.

Jimmie Vaughan is far more than one of the greatest and most respected guitarists in the world of popular music. As Guitar Player Magazine notes, “He is a virtual deity–a living legend.” His musical ethos and personal style have had an impact on contemporary culture, from spearheading the current blues revival with The Fabulous Thunderbirds to his longtime, innate fashion sense of slicked-back hair and sharp vintage threads, to becoming a premier designer of classic custom cars. But for Jimmie, none of that is part of a crusade or a career plan. It’s just his natural way of living life.
At age 15, Vaughan was playing the rough and tumble Dallas nightclub scene nightly. By 16 he joined The Chessman, who became the area’s top musical attraction, eventually opening concerts in Dallas for Jimi Hendrix. He was developing his style; clean, economical and highly articulate; concentrating on rhythmic accents and lead work that relied on his "less is more" approach.
In 1969, he helped found "Texas Storm," a group that dug into blues and soul with a Texas accent. The band migrated to Austin, and it was there that Jimmie helped jump start his brother Stevie Ray’s career when the younger Vaughan joined Texas Storm on bass. Determined to create an ideal vehicle for blues that was both modern in impact and appeal yet true to the tradition, Vaughan founded The Fabulous Thunderbirds with Kim Wilson in the mid 1970s. When Antone’s nightclub opened in Austin in 1975, the Thunderbirds became the house band, jamming with such blues greats as Waters, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Albert King and a host of others, all of whom recognized Vaughan as the man who would keep the music they developed alive.
Vaughan recorded eight albums with The Thuderbirds and, on the strength of hits like “Tuff Enuff,” earned two Grammy nominations and years of worldwide touring. They brought blues back into the pop charts and the contemporary musical lexicon, sparking a revival that continues today. Prior to leaving the group in 1990, Jimmie had joined up with brother Stevie to record "Family Style," an album that reflected their mutually deep musical roots and modern artistic sophistication. But in August, 1990, just a few weeks prior to the album’s release, Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a helicopter crash in Wisconsin. Jimmie was devastated and retreated from touring and recording, though he continued to play guitar every day. The the success of "Family Style" further enhanced Jimmie’s reputation as a distinctive musical stylist, whose rich-toned exuberance has earned him the respect of many of the greats of contemporary music. He began showing up on albums like B.B. King and Eric Clapton’s "Riding With The King," Bob Dylan’s "Under The Red Sky," Willie Nelson’s "Milk Cow Blues," Carlos Santana’s "Havana Moon" and Don Henley’s "Inside Job."
Buddy Guy once said: “He’s unbeatable when it comes to the blues. He just plays it like it’s supposed to be played.”
And Stevie Ray, when people would compare his playing to that of his brother, would say there was really no contest. “I play probably 80 percent of what I can play. Jimmie plays one percent of what he knows. He can play anything.”
And yet Jimmie Vaughan remains modest when it comes to his life and work. “I’m just trying to have fun like everyone else,” he concludes. “I’ve been playing since I was 13. I play every day. I’ve never stopped. I can’t imagine that I could exist without it.”

When: Apr 23, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 23 Apr 2016 20 )
Donna the Buffalo

2-6-2016 (Sawtelle Room)

Donna the Buffalo's feel-good, groove-oriented, danceable and often socially conscious music all began over twenty years ago with roots in old time fiddle music that evolved into a soulful electric Americana mix infused with elements of cajun/ zydeco, rock, folk, reggae, and country. Some long-time fans still refer to the band as "Dawn of the Buffalo", the proposed group name before a slurred overture by an intoxicated M.C. dubbed them Donna the Buffalo to which the name stuck.
Their dedicated fan base, self-named "The Herd," follows the band with zeal and has created a unique and supportive community online and at DTB shows across the nation.
The group’s core are vocalists Tara Nevins, who plays fiddle, guitar, accordion, and scrubboard, and guitarist Jeb Puryear. Keyboardist Dave McCracken, bassist Kyle Spark, and drummer Vic Stafford complete the ensemble. The dynamic songwriting tandem of Jeb Puryear and Tara Nevins have penned over 150 songs in their collaboration with DTB, and they show no signs of slowing down. They are known for touring the country remaining fiercely independent as one of the industry’s most diverse roots-music bands and have earned a reputation as one of the most respected, eclectic and hardest-working acts today.

"Donna the Buffalo is in the enviable position of being a homegrown entity, a group that finds itself outside the coloring lines of the accepted formula, a formula that is now in the past tense... People doing what they love, and better, sharing that passion to the benefit of the public, is the strongest business formula ever written. Donna the Buffalo is living proof of that." - Beat Magazine

"Folkies with a superior sense of rhythm are rare enough, but folkies with a good beat and a healthy disrespect for eclectic clich's are a national treasure....they’ve never sounded better..." -
Edd Hurt, Nashville Scene

“Multi-instrumentalist Tara Nevins and Jeb Puryear, both ace guitarists, split vocals and writing for this band that’s country, old-timey, rock and roll, and well, just all around great. Best tune? Pick any one.” - Vintage Guitar

Check out videos HERE - HERE & HERE

When: Feb 6, 2016 8 PM in Shirley, Massachusetts (Sat, 06 Feb 2016 20 )
Mother's Day Wildflower Walk

When: May 8, 2016 12 AM in Shirley, Massachusetts
Cost: Member: $5; Nonmember: $10

(Sun, 08 May 2016 00 )
Arbor Day Tour of Farandnear Pinetum

When: Apr 29, 2016 11 AM in Shirley, Massachusetts
Cost: Free

(Fri, 29 Apr 2016 11 )

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